Athletic Events


Physical fitness is an important aspect of officer preparation which promotes both teamwork and personal pride.

Battalion physical training (PT)

Every Wednesday, Navy and Marine Option midshipmen attend the unit PT session at 1530 following the conclusion of drill lab from 1430-1530. However, every Tuesday and Thursday, Marine Option midshipmen attend two additional mandatory PT sessions at 0600; Navy Options are not required to attend the one on Thursday, but they are encouraged to do so. In addition to organized training, all midshipmen are expected to prepare individually for physical fitness tests which are held each semester. Marine Option Midshipmen attend one additional PT session focused on preparing for Mountain Warfare School or OCS. Additionally, any Midshipmen not performing to Cornell standard (higher standard than the U.S. Navy), is placed on the Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) requiring 5 workouts a week, until their overall fitness and scores improve. This assures that the Midshipmen are well prepared when they graduate and commission in the fleet. 


Physical Fitness Testing

Three times per semester, midshipmen are required to take a physical fitness test: the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) for Navy options and the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) for Marine options. The PRT consists of running 1.5 miles, maximum number of sit-ups in two minutes, and maximum number of push-ups in two minutes. The PFT consists of a 3-mile run, maximum number of sit-ups in two minutes, or a perfect plank hold for four minutes and twenty seconds for a perfect score, and maximum pull-ups with an option to do push-ups (for a 75% score).


Apart from a regular workout schedule, the Unit will often perform physical exercises or evolutions during the designated period for Drill Lab on Wednesdays. Examples include introductions to MCMAP, Sailing, Paintball, and Rock climbing.

The CUIDC (Cornell University Invitational Drill Competition) includes a Military Excellence Tournament featuring a wide variety of physical challenges, in which ROTC units from all over the country come to participate.