Summer Training


After your Freshman year, once you’ve become a 3/C Midshipman, ¬†you will attend CORTRAMID. Developed as a method to introduce to you all the different career options and help you decide what you would like to do within the Navy or Marine Corps. It spans 4 weeks, 1 week per community: Submarine, Surface Warfare, Aviation, and Marine Corps. Depending on where you are from you will either go to CORTRAMID West or East, with West based out of San Diego and East out of Norfolk.

Navy Option

After CORTRAMID, Navy options get some freedom as to their choice of summer cruise. Varying in platform, duration and objective, the options are almost limitless.

Marine Option

For their 1/C cruise, the Marine Option Midshipmen will attend Officer Candidate School. It is 6 weeks long and a proving ground to see if you have what it takes to lead Marines. It is Pass/Fail, and failure means you are out of the program.