Current Students

Midshipman Leadership

Midshipman Brigade Commander, MIDN 1/C John McSorley

Major: Operations Research Engineering

Naval Career Aspiration: Submarine Officer

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Jack is a senior majoring in Operations Research Engineering with a minor in Business. He is a member of the Men’s Varsity Swim Team and ranks among the team’s All-Time Top Ten Fastest Swims in the 500 freestyle, 400 individual medley, and 800 freestyle relay. He is also a member of the Red Key Athletic Honor Society and volunteers frequently at Newfield Elementary School tutoring and mentoring kids. In his free time, Jack enjoys coaching at his summer pool, collecting coins, surfing, and spending time with his dog, Murphy. After graduation, he hopes to go to Navy Dive school and become a Diving Officer on a submarine.

MIDN McSorley’s Vision Statement

“In times of national and global crisis, Americans look to our military for the leadership and support to persevere. As young servant leaders, the Cornell Tri-Service Brigade will continue this tradition by helping the Cornell and Tompkins County Community recover from these unprecedented times. We will continue to build a strong, cohesive Tri-Service Brigade by fostering interaction between units, strengthening relationships with local Veterans’ Organizations, and giving back to our community in every way possible.”

Battalion Commander, MIDN 1/C Peter Greenbaum

Major: Applied Economics and Management 

Naval Career Aspiration: Aviation or Surface Warfare Officer

Hometown: Carlisle, PA


Peter Greenbaum is a senior from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He is studying Applied Economic and Management. He is a member of both the Pi Sigma Epsilon Business Fraternity and Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity. He enjoys playing the piano, hiking, swimming, gardening, and working out. He is currently the Midshipman Battalion Commander. Previously, he served as the Academic Officer, and Squad Leader. In the summer, he sails in Maine and is currently taking Swahili classes. After College, he hopes to become a Surface Warfare Officer.

MIDN Greenbaum’s Vision Statement

“My intent this year is to foster a culture of mental and physical fitness. It is incumbent of us as future military officers to demand more of ourselves and constantly seek self-improvement. Recognize where your weaknesses are and strive to grow and develop. Be willing to make mistakes and admit defeat. At the same time, know your limits and surround yourself with people to support you when the going is tough. If I have learned one thing from this unit, it is that we are always there to motivate one another. 

The focus this year needs to be on the “bigger picture,” understanding why we do what we do. Upon commissioning, the Navy and Marine Corps team will be looking for well-rounded officers to aid in their diverse mission sets. It is important to identify the broader goals of these missions and paint ourselves a picture of where we might end up in the near future.”

Battalion Executive Officer, MIDN 1/C Cassondra Kelly

Major: Atmospheric Science, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

Naval Career Aspiration: METOC Officer

Hometown: Weston, CT


Cassondra Kelly is a 1/C midshipman who transferred from Villanova University. She is majoring in Atmospheric Science and Environmental and Sustainability Sciences and minoring in Climate Change Science. She is currently the Battalion Executive Officer. She previously served the unit as an Assistant Operations Officer. MIDN Kelly looks forward to researching planetary climates and exploring the Finger Lakes during her time at Cornell.

MIDN Kelly’s Vision Statement

“My vision is to cultivate a positive environment where Midshipmen are empowered by each other to challenge themselves. I want everyone to find what their purpose is here and remind themselves of their reason for being a part of this organization. Through external and internal motivation, Midshipmen will grow into the best versions of themselves and accomplish more than they ever thought they could.”

Battalion Operations Officer, MIDN 1/C Michaele Dunne

Major: Biology

Naval Career Aspiration: Naval Aviator

Hometown: Gulf Breeze, FL


Michaele Dunne is a senior from Gulf Breeze, Florida, a small town just outside of Pensacola. As a student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, she is majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Nutrition and minoring in Arabic. At Cornell, she is a member of Cornell Concert Commission, works as a Cornell Social Consultant, and serves as a Resident Advisor. Previously she served as the battalion Adjutant, a Squad Leader, and was also the Assistant Physical Training Instructor. Currently, she is the Operations Officer of the battalion. After graduating, she wants to become a Helicopter or Jet Pilot. 

MIDN Dunne’s Vision Statement

“I am looking forward to working with Midshipmen in grade to get a variety of perspectives and inputs as we plan events. This year we have seniors, juniors, and sophomores on the Operation Team so I am eager to see the collaboration and mentorship that comes from that. Most of all, I am looking forward to planning Drill Labs that fulfill MIDN Greenbaum’s vision of preparing our unit for the real-world issues we will see in the fleet.” 

The Invictus Battalion

First Class Midshipmen

Name Graduation Year Major Billet
Nicholas Allen 2021 Mechanical Engineering Public Affairs Officer
Melissa Alvarez 2021 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ava Avants 2021 Biology and Society
Garrett Beck 2021 Hotel Administration Bravo 1 Squad Leader
Lindsay Browning 2021 Biomedical Engineering Bravo Company Commander
Grace Ding 2021 Mechanical Engineering Joint Service Representative (Fall)
Palmer Fabian 2021 Hotel Administration Joint Service Representative (Spring)
Aimé Freedenberg 2021 Industrial Labor Relations Midshipman Recruiting Officer
Emily Hollis 2021 Government Alpha Company Commander
Michael Laumakis 2021 Environmental and Sustainability Sciences CUIDC Officer In Charge
Esteban Lopez 2021 Biological Sciences Assistant Recruiting Officer
Gustav Ofori 2021 Mechanical Engineering Morale, Welfare and Recreation Officer
Hannah Roman 2021 Agricultural Sciences Birthday Ball Officer In Charge
Caroline Taylor 2021 Biological Sciences, French Adjutant
Neri Yun 2021 Human Development Supply Officer


Second Class Midshipmen

Name                                     Graduation Year              Major                                                                                        Billet
Katariina Alanko 2022 Psychology New Student Orientation Officer In Charge
Lauryn Gibbs 2022 Environmental Science Assistant Drill Instructor
Socrates Kastanos 2022 Economics Physical Training Instructor
Kingmin Lee 2022 Applied Economics & Management Bravo 2 Squad Leader, Assistant Operations Officer
Tyler Russano 2022 Applied Mathematics Academics Officer, Alpha 1 Squad Leader


Third Class Midshipmen

Name                                           Graduation Year                      Major                                                                                                        Billet 
Colby Bellone 2023 Environmental Engineering Alpha 3 Squad Leader, Brigade Color Guard Commander
Susanna Gaither 2023 Environmental Engineering Assistant Operations Officer
Diego Galván 2023 Applied Economics & Management Assistant Physical Training Instructor
Michelle Hinkley 2023 Civil Engineering Bravo 3 Squad Leader, Technology Officer
Brady McSwain 2023 Government Assistant Supply Officer
Anna Stevens 2023 Civil Engineering Alpha 2 Squad Leader, Assistant Public Affairs Officer
Natalia Urbas 2023 Undecided Assistant Physical Training Instructor