Midshipman of the Semester

MIDN 2/C Aimé Freedenberg

MIDN 2/C Aimé Freedenberg

Public Affairs Officer

Hometown: Canton, CT

Major: School of Industrial Labor Relations

Minor: Inequality Studies

Naval Career Aspiration:  Marine Corps Officer, MOS: Intelligence

Favorite Winter Activities: Skiing

Congratulations to MIDN 2/C Aimé Freedenberg for receiving the Midshipman of the Semester Award!

MIDN Freedenberg was chosen by her peers for embodying the top qualities of a midshipman. She commits wholeheartedly to the ideals of excellence, teamwork, and accountability. In her Public Affairs Officer billet, she was tasked with coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. Part of this billet was maintaining a dedicated and accountable team that strives towards presenting the best the battalion has to offer. MIDN Freedenberg balances her time well between NROTC, academic, social, and extracurricular activities. She positively influences friends, family, alumni, and prospective students every single day. Using her vast network, she takes time and thought into improving her billet. Some examples include starting the Cornell NROTC Instagram, updating the Facebook page, and coordinating with the brigade. MIDN Freedenberg’s newest endeavor is highlighting Cornell NROTC on Thread Magazine.


Thank you MIDN Freedenberg for all of your important contributions to the unit and beyond!