Midshipman of the Month

MIDN 2/C Shelby Dunne

MIDN 2/C Shelby Dunne

Adjutant & Squad Leader

Hometown: Gulf Breeze

Major: Biological Sciences

Naval Career Aspiration:  Naval Aviator

Favorite Winter Activities: long distance running, cooking and reading

Congratulations to MIDN 2/C Michaele Dunne for receiving the Midshipman of the Month Award!

MIDN Dunne was recognized by her peers for going above and beyond in her billets as Adjutant and Squad Leader. She inspires others through her professionalism and dedication to her billets. The Adjutant billet requires lots of coordination across the chain of command and with the Active Duty Staff. She acts as a quasi-secretary by prepping meeting agendas and taking minutes for midshipmen staff meetings. She writes the Plan Of the Week Spreadsheet and receives and records chits from Active Duty Staff. Finally, she is responsible for overseeing the Academic Officer, Supply Officer, and Morale, Wellness, and Recreation Officer. She also recently assumed the billet of Squad Leader and is doing an outstanding job in her new role, while maintaining her quality of work as Adjutant.

Thank you MIDN Dunne for all the work you do to make our unit perform and be something to be proud of!