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Admiral McRaven UT Austin 2014 Commencement Speech

Admiral Greenert’s TEDx Talk

Navy Leader Development Framework

Commandant of the Marine Corps and his 2017 message to the Force – Seize the Initiative

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CMC Messages to the Force

CMC Professional Reading List

MCO 1500.61 Marine Leader Development

The following links are personal recommendations. The positions and opinions expressed on these pages do not reflect official Department of the Navy positions.

Thought’s on Man’s Purpose in Life

Destruction and Creation

Who Moved My Cheese?

The One-Minute Manager

Courage Under Fire

The Stoic Warrior’s Triad

Master of My Fate

The Warrior’s Code

How to Be in Command and Out of Control

Small Wars Journal

War on the Rocks

Task and Purpose

Doctrine Man

A Simple Way to Stay Grounded in Stressful Moments

15 Things Mattis Taught Me About Real Leadership